Zanette, day and night atmospheres

Modernity, flexibility, uniqueness: Zanette’s collections encompass the values that have guided our business for over fifty years, here in the productive heart of north-eastern Italy.

Modernity of vision and aspiration: creating sophisticated furnishings, with timeless lines, able to personify contemporary lifestyles.
The painstaking care over design details – technical and aesthetic -, the industrialisation of processes and the artisan quality of workmanship result in products that are reliable and functional, created according to a strict policy of environmental respect, thanks to certified procedures that cover every aspect, from choice of materials to finishes and packaging.

Flexibility is the recurrent theme of Zanette’s collections. Modular systems, single elements and accessories are designed to create coherence of atmosphere in the day and night zones and to interpret all rooms in total freedom. Continuity and contrasting colours and textures, the geometric proportion of the shapes, the dynamics of the full and empty spaces make it possible to arrange welcoming, elegant settings in which to live and to be oneself.

Unique is the quality that design by Zanette brings to every space. The rich, customised finishes allow for exclusive compositions, suitable for all requirements, whether residential or contract.